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The production unit of Pishgam Saman Force Company owns more than 3 hectares of land in Shokouhieh Industrial City, which is located 20 km outside the city of Qom. This unit holds more than 60 tanks with a total capacity of 10 million liters and a monthly production capacity of about 3 million liters of lubricants in various packages (1, 4, 5, 20, and 200 liters), hydrocarbons (light and heavy) and various types of grease (600 tons per month).

Moreover, this unit includes a laboratory of 500 square meter with the best cutting edge equipments.

Various sections of the production unit are:

Production line for various engine oil (gasoline and diesel)

Production line for industrial lubricants

Aromatic and hydrocarbon distillation unit

Quality control


Finishing unit


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