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Quality control and assurance means assuring the quality and quantity of the manufactured goods when delivering to the final customer.

Given the dispersion of distribution of the products inside and outside Iran, this unit needs to activate a team of inspectors and other personnel to control the goods after production. For this purpose, the unit collects the results by periodical inspections by its agents throughout the country as well as its representatives in foreign countries in the form of periodic reports sent to managers. The unit examines these reports to ensure the quality of the products.

Undoubtedly, even the smallest case reported by the agents and inspectors have been discussed and addressed during years, so that today we can be proud of our products and present the best of goods and services to our customers.

The following units are active in the circle of quality control:

Regular test in the company lab based on the international standards

Control and monitoring of input items and materials

Control, measurement and monitoring of the production process

 Identification and tracking of the goods

Control, measurement and monitoring of the finished products

Control of nonconforming goods

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