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Nature, like a compassionate mother, nurtures human beings in her lap and generously provides man with all her resources. All lives on earth have been conforming to and adapting themselves to the laws of nature. But human beings, willingly or unwillingly, have altered the natural course of their environment.

Environmental protection is one of the most important goals of Petroforce company.

The company tries to reduce environmental pollution by producing high quality motor oils that can be used throughout all seasons.

Also, the company considers the following various ways to prevent environmental pollutions:

  1. Using high quality raw materials with standard formulation as an effective step towards promoting a culture of environmental protection
  2. Equipping related laboratories in the factory for accurate and reliable test.
  3. Regular control of the tanks and preventing leakage of materials
  4. Avoiding waste recycling inside the factory

The effort of Petroforce personnel is to provide the best products with the highest quality and the most up-to-date services and at the same time to prevent destroying environment, since we all owe to our nature and this will be our legacy for the future generations.

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