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About Us

Pishgam Saman Force (PSF) Company established a lubricant and grease production plant in Shokouhieh Industrial City, after many years of experience, and obtaining the necessary permits and certificates and meeting standards. Taking advantage of the cooperation of engineers and experienced professionals, the company has taken an effective step towards the self-sufficiency of the Iranian economy. Moreover, the company has exported high quality products of international standards to various countries.

The company manufactures various kinds of light and heavy hydrocarbons, engine oils, gear oils, industrial oils, as well as a variety of fuel and grease supplements and exports most of its products to neighboring countries, as well as Africa, India and CIS countries. The company has been identified as an exemplary exporter in Qom province for years.

The company has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Europe and Africa, where its products are sold. Saman Fars is proud of its significant contribution to promotion of Iran-made products to the global market.

Contact us

  • Address : Unit 3, 1st Floor, No.4, 7th Abkooh Ave, Farmanieh, Tehran, Iran
  • Phone : 021-22830602 | 021-22802717
  • Email : info@petroforce.ir