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PETRO FORCE industrial group with more than 20 years of activity in the field of producing various types of motor and industrial lubricants, grease as well as designing engineering, modeling, supplying equipment, construction and commissioning of oil refineries, and providing engineering and support services, establishing and following the issuance of permits and the construction of two factories in Shokoohieh Industrial Park, located 80 kilometers from Tehran, began to produce and exploit.

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Complete Petropress Product Basket

Petrofors' product portfolio will be completed by the end of August (early September this year) with the addition of all synthetic gas oils.

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  • Address : Unit 3, 1st Floor, No.4, 7th Abkooh Ave, Farmanieh, Tehran, Iran
  • Phone : 021-22830602 | 021-22802717
  • Email : info@petroforce.ir